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ZetexPlus® Gloves & Mitts


ZetexPlus® is a time-tested textile developed by Newtex Inc of the U.S.A. as a viable alternative to white chrysotile asbestos cloth.

ZetexPlus® can not only withstand temperatures of up to 1093 degrees centigrade but can also withstand cold temperatures to -73 degrees centigrade. The fabric is made from a durable texturised amorphous silica yarn that is twice as strong as steel wire of the same diameter. In addition, the fabric is chemical resistant and offers protection against most acids, alkalis and solvents.

zetex gloves

Eatonís range of ZetexPlus® heat protective gloves and mitts have the following features:

  • All mitts can be supplied with overmitts / double palm
  • Mitts and gloves are available in varying lengths
  • Various linings are available to suit the application
  • Mitts and gloves can be supplied with aluminised backs/cuffs
  • We are able to manufacture to your requirements


Welding, foundry and metal processing, glass, engineering industry.

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