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Lenzing FR® Clothing for Thermolined

GoodPRO SF3 Alex multi norm flame resistant suit


This flame resistant suit is very similar to the SF1 Oskar 260 but it is made from 2 layers - the outer shell is the same as the Oskar and then there is the second layer (the lining) which is a laminated membrane meaning that it protects against wind and rain. Having the second layer means it gives much better protection mainly against the thermal hazards of an electric arc. It is also a lot warmer so very good during the colder months. This jacket of this suit has an elasticated waist, reflective tape as well as a concealed hood in the collar.


The SF3 Alex protective suit is primarily intended for the petrochemical, energy and gas industries. It is also used in refineries and for ADR work.


Upper layer: 50% Kermel®, 49% Lenzing FR®, 1% conductive fibers, twill, weight 260 g/m2
Fluor-carbon treatment against water and chemical liquid
Inner layer: 50% Kermel®, 50% Lenzing FR®, laminated PU membrane topaz, twill, weight 17O gm2

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