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Lenzing FR® Clothing flame resistant clothing for the Petrochemical Industry

GoodPRO SF1 Oskar 260 multi norm flame resistant suit


This particular flame resistant suit is classed as a ‘Multi-Norms’ suit. This means that you can use it against more kinds of risks in the workplace, for example heat, fire, electric, acid and welding.

The fabric on this range of flame resistant clothing contains the conductive fibres for safe removal of static electricity and protects against the thermal hazards of an electric arc.  This suit provides limited protection against the potential effects of chemical liquids. When the suit is exposed to fire or burning particles the material carbonizes which stops the fire from spreading therefore injuries from any contact with burning cloth are being prevented. Generally recommended for use during the warmer months as it is a single layer of fabric.


The SF1 Oskar protective suit is primarily intended for the petrochemical, energy and gas industries. It is also used in refineries and for ADR work.


50% Kermel®, 49% Lenzing FR®, 1% conductive fibers twill, weight 260 g/m2, Fluor-carbon treatment against water and chemical liquid.


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