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Case Studies


Sector: Manufacturing

Challenge: Our Customer wanted to reduce energy costs and speed up their production process. The metal manufactured needs to cool down after coming out of the mill before going onto the next process. The company used to cool the plates before putting them onto a conveyor belt consisting of nylon rollers to transport the plates to the next process. The transfer of the plates directly from the mill onto the conveyor belt caused the nylon to melt.

Solution: W.G.Eaton designed & manufactured a small removable cover to fit around the rollers. The cover was made from an aramid felt inner and an E-glass outer, with an aramid rope drawstring to hold it in place.

Benefits: The customer has now managed to significantly speed up their production process and reduce energy costs by not having to re-heat the plates.


Sector: Automotive

Challenge: A supplier of fork lift trucks to the metal processing industry had a problem with metal splatter burning through the rubber tilt cylinder gaiters.

Solution: W.G.Eaton designed a removable cover made from a vermiculite coated glass material. We used high temperature velcro to enable the gaiter to be removed and replaced. The gaiter was secured to the body of the forklift by means of bolts.

Benefits: The ingress of metal splatter has been reduced resulting in a much safer environment for the operator.


Sector: Aerospace

Challenge: An aerospace company asked W.G. Eaton if we could insulate a test rig for them. The rig also had numerous holes to allow for thermocouples, sensors etc.

Solution: Following a site visit to the aerospace company, W.G. Eaton was able to produce a sample cover that ensured all the holes were positioned correctly as well as ensuring that the cover could be removed easily. When the customer was satisfied with the sample, a cover was produced that uses a white silicone glass material with a glass needle felt infill.

Benefits: The rig was able to operate without too much heat loss plus the exterior of the rig was cool should anyone accidently touch it.