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W G Eaton supply a range of woven tapes, laggings, packings and ropes for insulation and heat protection. The range includes webbing and ladder tapes for insulation applications. If the application requires tapes that are suitable for high temperatures then tapes using ceramic and silica fibres are used.

W G Eaton also manufacture tadpole tape gasket seals which are used on industrial ovens and stoves as well as furnace boiler and kiln doors to achieve a tight seal. High temperature fiberglass or silica tadpole gasket tape both have excellent sealing applications. Tadpole seals have a ‘tail’ and a ‘bulb’ and are covered with materials that are flexible. The ‘tail’ is sewn with high temperature thread that encapsulates the core resulting in resilient high temperature tadpole gasket tape.

In order to determine the most appropriate type of tadpole tape door seal we need to know the temperature limit of the application, the diameter and density of the ‘bulb’, the ‘tail’ width and thickness and the total length required.

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