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Gaskets, Seals & Washers


All gaskets, seals and washers are precision made to customers’ specifications for a wide range of materials including glass fibre, Kevlar®, a range of rubbers (from natural through to silicone in both solid and sponge form). Also available are a range of Viton®, PFTE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), silicone, ceramic, cork and plastics. Most of the above are available with self-adhesive backing.

Also available from W G Eaton are mini gaskets and seals which are being increasingly used by electronic hardware manufacturers where exacting high standards and consistent quality are essential.

In addition to the above, W G Eaton has log cutting facilities so we are able to supply stripped material in widths from 6mm to 1000mm in either plain or self-adhesive backed form, all on cardboard cores if required.

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